Haiti Friendship project:

How you can help
  The families of macoute victims whose pictures are given here are destitute. The children of Altieri Raymond, Mme. Marcel Monpetit, Elyzé Lionceau, M. and Mme. Suny Lionceau, and others do not attend school, and many of them suffer malnutrition. Some of these children and their surviving parents are living with more or less constant harrassment and death threats,
and are under stress and misery that are inescapable, for they cannot escape their situations. There are near zero jobs in their world and there is little opportunity for a better life. The cost of living in Haiti is very high relative to people's incomes, and the most basic necessities are lacking.
A few months ago Nadèpe Lionceau's wife died because she was unable to afford to hire a car to take her about twenty miles to a hospital. Nadèpe is left with two children. He is without work or resources.

$7 a month will enable a child to attend school, and have a hot meal every day. $35 a month will make an incalculable difference to a family.

Tax deductible gifts of any amount will go to the families with a deduction of only 5 percent (for the accounting costs of our tax-deductible conduit) if you require a tax receipt. If you do not require a tax receipt, 100 percent of the gifts will go to the families. Channels have been set up through the Peasant Movement of Papaye and through two Xaverian Brothers, who are well known in the relief community.

Contributions may be made in a lump sum, or monthly; large one-time donations will be given in regular disbursements. In addition to the families, we aid the Ecole Normale de Papaye, the school that was partially destroyed by arson, and Garry Elizé, a computer student whose studies were interrupted.

You are encouraged to specify the recipient of your gift.

Tax deductible gifts made payable to Burlington Peace and Justice Center--Green World Center are tax-deductible in the United States. They should be mailed to:

Green World Center
36 Academy Street, Sutton, Québec, J0E 2K0 CANADA phone:
(450) 538-9955
Email: info2@greenworldcenter.org

Contributors will be kept informed, if they wish, about the situations of their beneficiaries, if they so request.

If you would prefer to aid an established institution, we recommend Fonkozé, Haiti's Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor, founded by Father Joseph Philippe, which has as its mission to sustain democracy through economic development.

By strengthening grass-roots organizations and providing them with the capital, training and technical assistance they need to successfully engage in income-producing activities, Fonkozé fosters sustainable development and economic democracy.  

Fonkoze is an alliance made up of more than 100 established and emerging grass-roots organizations.

Fonkoze provides credit and a range of financial, technical, and educational services to these organizations.

Fonkoze makes two types of loans: to small, solidarity groups of women street vendors who need credit to strengthen their businesses"; and to member organizations who are engaged in income-producing projects.  

Fonkoze Haiti,
Fonkoze Avenue Jean Paul II, #7 (ˆ lÕinterieur) Port-au-Prince, Haiti Ph: (509) 221.7631, 7641, 513.7631 Fax: (509) 221.7520 Ph from the U.S. (800) 293.0308 director@fonkoze.org
Donations to Fonkozé U.S. arm are tax-deductible.

Fonkoze USA,
305 Seventh Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10001 Ph: (212) 822.9553 Fax: (212) 989.0983 fonkozeusa@fonkoze.orgÊ


***We also recommend the Haiti Parish Twinning Program, which is the largest citizen-to-citizen network linking Haiti and the United States and Canada. It facilitates and supports linkages, or twinning of parishes, mostly but not entirely Catholic parishes, in North America with parishes in Haiti. The program today includes more than 290 twinnings.
*** Twinned parishes provide experience that raises the consciousness of both North American and Haitian participants, and provides for direct relationships and avenues of aid without bureaucracy or middlemen or deductions for salaries or overhead.
***For further information, contact Theresa Patterson, Haiti Parish Twinning Program, 208 Leake Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37205, phone: (615) 356-5999.

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